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Sneaker DreamsDOCome True!


Sneaker Fairy Custom Shoes was founded in 2009 by artist FETTi D'Biasi, a Bronx NYC native who always had a love for sneakers. FETTi started designing her own custom sneakers in 2000 after seeing rappers wearing them in videos. In 2007 she showcased her custom designs at The International Sneaker Battle and won over sneaker lovers and celebrities with her creative designs, and decided to keep designing. In 2009, FETTi had a collaboration with a small footwear company and designed the FETTi BETTY Shake that was exclusively available in KMart. To date, FETTi has designed hundreds of custom pairs for sneaker lovers, companies, and celebrities. FETTi also works for Sherwin Williams as a Color Mixer.

Sneaker Fairy FETTi D'Biasi painting a shoe at her desk


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